Being outdoors, traveling, wandering, hiking, biking … is my favourite pass of time. Besides the peace and calmness, the healthy impact on mind and body, it is also the glue that keeps our family together. When things go South we just need to get out and get some air and things turn right in no-time.

My interests are pretty wide spread in and around all of these activities. Primarily I’m a big fan of healthy physical exercise and being out there.I like the idea of being able to be independent in nature with a bare minimum of gear and equipement. On the other hand I’m very fond of technology and using the right gear. When outdoors I’ll always rely on my skills to navigate, eat, hike, … but I keep technology as a back up. I’m also a photographer and director so drones and cameras are never far away! So you’ll find a broad mix of outdoor skills & technology here.


We ‘ve been hiking with the family for quit a few years now. We started gently with our daughters on small flat distances but now at the age of 8 & 9 our daughters can easily manage distances up to 2O kilometers, if we take our time. Although the distance isn’t a primary goal for me I do need to have a clear feel of being outside, preferably alone with the family. When I seek or create my Hiking tracks I spent a fair amount of time in finding out what the terrain will be like, if we pass villages, (busy) roads, … You can found out more of the “how to” in the Navigation section.

The focus is on disconnecting with the outside world and connect with nature, our family and even get back in touch with yourself. Sometimes we talk a lot during our hikes and sometimes we are silent for an hour or more and let the mind rest.

If you just want to head out and do some hiking, head over the “Belgium Hikes” page. There you can download a wide variety of gpx files to import into your GPS device or smartphone.
If you want to plan out your own hikes, the “How to plan a hike” page will get you started.
What to carry on your trips is explained in the “Hiking pack list essentials” and if you want to red about some advanced outdoor skills, head over the “Hiking reading list” section.


I like to do my bike rides like I do my hiking. Be as much as possible in nature, off the beaten track and as far from other people as possible. Living in Belgium in a dense populated area that is a challenge somehow. But I always manage to find som backroads, field tracks or trails in the woods that give me the sensation that i’m looking for.
Of course we head out to other parts of our country, but you don’t always want a 2 hour drive in the car, sometimes you just want to start at home.
While riding my bike I prefer to take may time, enjoy being on the road, racing is not an option. I like to stop and talk to people, take a photo or just gaze over the landscape.

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Overlanding is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically, but not exclusively, it is accomplished with mechanised off-road capable transport (from bicycles to trucks) where the principal form of lodging is camping, often lasting for extended lengths of time and spanning international boundaries.

Freedom is the greatest requirement for me to travel. Being self dependent makes that a whole lot easier. Having everything on or in your car allows you to roam freely and spend your days and nights where-ever you feel like. I prefer to be far away from the crowds, close to nature and my family. That’s why I love to “0verland”. The journey starts from the moment we step in to the car. When we leave, we don’t have any plans, we make up the route and find places to sleep along the way. This has always led us to nice places, warm people and stunning views. We like being on the road and wander in a certain direction without having a clear goal. Coincidence, weather, people, impulsivity and a good portion of luck and faith are our navigation tools.

I can talk for hours on every aspect of our overlanding life. But if you narrow it down you can split it up in 3 major parts:

  • The travel reports: The essence of our travels, experience, discover and wander.
  • The Rig: How I organised my car and trailer in order to travel independently
  • Camera kit: Being a director and photographer is not a job, it’s how I look a life and document every aspect of it. An overview of my travel camera kit.


I spent a fair bit of time in preparing hikes and other trips and I use a mix of old and new techniques for that. It al starts with a basic topographic map and comparing the results with satellite maps, … Preparing the road is part of the happiness or me!

Good navigation is the key to a good trip, wether it’s for hiking long distance travel, weekend trip, … a bit of preparation can result in stunning roads, rare hiking trails, …

I’m a very tech adept, so GPS devices are on top of my most used gear on hikes and vacations. I took me quite a while to get all the aspects under control. And now that I’m quite an expert in digital navigation, my interest turned back to the old school skills of reading maps and using a compass.