Fenelle Hike

We were in for some wandering in the woods!
If you can roam for hours in a forest without encountering a single house or person, then that is only a blessing. (And well mapped out!) Occasionally the path had to be adjusted and navigated directly on compass to the next point on the map.
That has resulted in some adventurous descents and climbing.

In the end we did about 19 kilometers because the topographic map I used was a bit outdated and some of the roads on the map didn’t exist anymore or were overgrown, so we ended up searching the right track for a while on 3 occasions.
That’s part op the game and adventure!
But because of that we decided to take a shortcut in the end and cut of 2km, because it was getting dark and 19km for 2 girls of 7 & 9 is enough.

Beautiful hike in a wonderfully vast forest on the border with France. Seen a lot of game tracks, especially wild boar.
I will definitely do this again in the fall because then the colors will be beautiful.

+- 16 kmNamurForest5/10

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