In the fields

Yesterday my friend @Belgian.Biker and me got out to do a quick Gravel tour somewhere. Weather was not that nice a lot of wind and a fair bit of rain in the beginning of the ride. Once it stopped raining we really enjoyed being on the bikes. The first part of the trip was a lot of asphalt connecting long strokes of Gravel. After a while we started freewheeling based on what we assumed was a great gravel detour on our route. Most of them where succesfull but one really got us by the balls. It went from a small track to a walking trail to an almost invisible trail.

But we kept going on, turning back would be a defeat, so that was not an option. We ended up between the nettle sand thorns, climbing over barbwire fences, crossing fields and acres…
In the end we made it back to the track and continued our track but detours like this are the one you will remember!
Great Ride Great Company!

If your up for the adventure you can download the ride here:

or you can choose to take the less adventurous track here.

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