Matagne Hike – 18km

This one goes straight into my top 5 of most favourite hikes. Located in the Province of “Namen” this hike is a little gem.
This 18km track is very diversified from wide landscapes to thick forest, to narrow dense bushes ending in a passage straight trough the corn field.

The great thing is that this track is not heavy, it goes easy up and down with an occasional small climb and never get out of nature except for a few steps when you pass the village of Dourbes, but that is only a few 100 meters and then you dive straight in to the forest again! But since it’s a hidden gem, it also means that the trails are not maintained, so every once and while you have to climb over fallen trees, crawl trough dense bushes with sharp thornes, … but this adds only to the charm and experience. Also, expect unusual roads, when you think you have to keep following a gravel road, keep an eye on small openings ion the forest or bushes, because nine out of ten the track will go that way!

I cannot recommend this hike more, just go out and experience this one!

We did a small detour from the original track to meet and old friend who lives in the picturesque town of Fagnolle, but the original track of 15km can be downloaded here:

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