Strada Campina – An Introduction

Today we, Paul and I played an away game.
Since the day I got to know the existence of Strada Campina I was keen on riding it. We didn’t have the whole day so we road a small part of the course, better than nothing.
Incredibly beautiful, varied and certainly tastes for more. I think about 90 percent is gravel or sand, so great experience for those gravel maniacs! And the underground goes from hard gravel to real soft sand that sucks the speed and energy out of your legs.

But still beautiful to ride, you don’t hear me complaining!
If I stay fit enough I might even sign up for the full track somewhere in October. Keep an eye on their website for more information.

The original course starts in the center of Turnhout but we choose a different starting point to have an easier and more calm way to park and start the ride.

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