GX – Stairway To Heaven

This one is a sweet one!
Usually i’m quite disappointed in the long stretches of concrete between the villages in Flanders. You can drive from one village to another without even getting a glimpse of nature. Although, in the last few rides, ever since I changed my routing preference to gravel and offroad I’ve come to realise there is still a fair but of green behind the concrete wall. And today’s ride surely was one of the a-listers for that reason. I enjoyed every meter of the 121 kilometers in this track!

I also tried to drive on an empty stomach, to see how far I would get. Everything went very smooth up till I crossed the 90 kilometers mark. That’s when I got a little dip. It wasn’t that heavy but still decided to put something in my stomach, could have been the warm sun… . Maybe I would have made it home on that empty stomach but I was in it for fun, not for stressing me out!
Normally I don’t eat sugars and processed foods, but the only thing I could get my hands on was a small rice pie at a local bakery. Ah well: necessity knows no law!
Since it was already a year ago that I had eaten that, it tasted fantastic!

I think the ride is a good 85% offroad. The outward journey and much of the way back is all unpaved road. And there are a few sturdy climbs in it. The asphalt stretches are merely in the last 20 km of the way back but occasionally alternated with beautiful dusty gravel roads.

In any case, I already added this as one of my favorites.
I also have a shortened version for days with less time.
This is a keeper!

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