GX – Giro di Aeroporto

Early rise and started at 5.50 am for this 80km one. I wanted to be out before the temperatures got too hot and before my mailbox would pop with stuff that needed to be done. And oh boy, do I love that morning light!
I had little expectations of this route because everything that heads towards the capital or even big cities isn’t much of a reference for free wild nature.

But this ride sure proved me wrong! I wasn’t wandering trough endless forests and fields but the track dodges nifty between every sign of civilisation. Taking me trough every local back road and field track available. Halfway there are a few stretches that run along a busy road, be careful there. But it’s worth it because it’ll take you to some nice places before you head back home. On my way back I made a little detour to Mechelen hoping to grab a fine cappuccino, to bad it was way to early before the coffeeshops open there… . Headed straight home to fix one myself!

This track is mixed gravel and nice roads, I’d say about fifty fifty.
I think you might be able to ride this with your road bike, but I doubt it would be comfortable. Thicker tyres and gravel profile sure made it way more comfortable.

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