Louvania im Pluvia

Another early Monday morning, this time together with Ian for a 101km ride.
Got up at 5 to make some pancakes, just to get a good food layer for a lovely ride. At that time the weather looked promising, a bit overcast but dry, but soon after it started raining and pouring. When we left it was still rainy but after a good hour it stopped and besides some occasional heavy shower we had a fine dry ride. Those who now me, know that i’m quite a well prepared man, not today however8 Today I found out that when we started I didn’t load the GPS track om my Garmin. Luckily Ian loaded the file to his GPS so we could start right away. I wasn’t too keen on heading back in and start up the PC at 6am to load the file. So I followed Ian like a good boy all day.

We made a stop along the way to pray for rain, it think way need some more practice praying because it kept raining…

This track is as most of the tracks a nice mix between forest, gravel, field roads and some more technical single tracks but nothing you actually need a mountain bike for. Especially the tracks in “Bertem Forest” are a little more challenging but that’s it. I loved those descents and dodgy climbs. And before you know it the hills are behind you and you’re back wandering between the cornfields, forests roads and gravel roads.
I enjoyed this one even in cloudy, windy and rainy conditions. This is going to be a gem when the sun’s out! It think about 80% of the road is unpaved!

And that “Flat White” that we picked up at the coffee shop in Mechelen was a gift from heaven!

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