GX – Douce Bois

This is the first ride that I created completely with the new Strava Routes function. Underground was set to unpaved and distance to about 100 km.
I was a bit sceptic about it because my earlier experiences weren’t that great. But I gave it a new chance and to be honest I was quite surprised by the result. Overall the route was great, it choose unpaved tracks over obvious shorter paved routes nearby. There were often times I wanted to opt for a little detour to get some extra unpaved pieces but I kept to the track.

The initial track I made was 140 km but due time shortage because friends are coming over tonight and we have to prepare dinner. I turn so around 55km I made a short cut to the the way back. That were also some extra paved kilometers. As usual in the end I made a detour to my favourite coffee place in Antwerp, that added also some extra asphalt to this track.

In general I’m happy with this track but when I go for it again I might do some modifications to it. Especially the part from my place to and after Antwerp: there are a lot of roadside tracks, some even with no cyclist path and I found that just dangerous. I can and will adjust that. Also Strava seems to do what I do when I create my gravel tracks: make use of Hiking Tracks etc. but some of them are forbidden for cyclist so I had to skip them too because we always respect “Mother Nature” and “Dady State”.

To conclude, great mixed track with some points to improve. An updated and longer version will be out soon!

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