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Last couple of weeks things really went fast. Thanks to Empe Overland I got introduced to the Ministry of Autonomous Travel. A European network that is a build around the shared interest of Overlanding. It escalated quickly in getting involved and setting up an international Radio Network. So now we have on a regular basis contact with Overlanding enthousiast all over Europe, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, France, Belgium, …, by just a click of a button! The network is growing fast! It’s really an honour to be part of this and even to help the network’s expansion. It’s also a blessing to meet so many new people in Europe with the same passion for Overlanding and share knowledge and experience with each other.

Two weeks ago I posted on the network an invitation to get together on the 11th of June for those who could make it, location was set to the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe, one of my favourite nearby spots!
We planned nothing fancy, just a get together! Initially there wasn’t much of a reaction but after a while @VC Overland was up for it! On our way to the location in Saeftinghe we heard @fetzl trough our Network Radios asking for the location of the meeting!
Great, the more the merrier.
We had a great afternoon, talking about rigs, plans, travels, personal life, technical stuff, dreams & goals. We shared pancakes, the kids played nicely … what a great way to meet new people in the middle of nowhere! And as a cherry on the cake @Empe Overland, my fellow Ranger, decided to make a quick stop on his way from Bretagne to Roosendaal. With a busy schedule like that we really appreciated that!

For an instant meeting this was a real succes! This is definitely something we should do again, so we already decided to plan a meeting in the Ardennes somewhere in September – October maybe with some nice tracks to ride and some great camping spots and a BBQ.
The Ardennes is also more accessible for our German and French friends.

Hope to see some of you show up then!

Topview of the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe

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  1. Great to read this after a long day of work on my rig and listening to you guys on our radio network, hundreds of kilometers away.

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