Podcast – De Doorzetters “Go-Getters”

Not so long ago I got interviewed by “de Pieters“. They are launching a Podcast Series about people with a fair amount of perseverance. I was honoured to be the first one in that series.

“Doorzetters” is a podcast about the art of life.
They speak with professional doers and their link with sports and exercise.
How sports and work guide their lives. They gauge motivations and stamina, effort and sacrifice. They talk about success and setback. About pushing through or letting go…

Niko Caignie is the go-getter of the today.
Photographer, director, drone pilot and so much more. Niko cycles, but avoid the well-trodden paths. He walks, but preferably before the world is awake. He goes deep into nature with his family, from the far north to the inhospitable south. To be alone, alone. Niko is a man of extremes, all or nothing. Perseverance is probably his greatest strength. But maybe he’s too good at it. Niko received a wake-up call a year ago and decided to change his life. Work, family, food, sports. Effort and relaxation. Today he still looks ahead and freedom is his main goal, both on the bike and behind the camera.

Listen here to the Podcast (In Dutch)

Be sure to subcribe to their channel via www.depieters.be

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