Moulin de Ruy

“Toi et Moi” – Just the two of us.
Yesterday, we dropped our second girl at some kind of Circus/adventure camp so we were very keen to head out to the Ardennes for a little hike today. I had this 17km hike ready to play in my card deck for quite a while and today seemed like the perfect time to do it. Excellent weather, sunny with a touch of clouds and a refreshing wind every once and while.

Just the two of us!

This is a pretty straight forward hike. Follow the path and enjoy the journey. The landscape is pretty varied and that keeps you wondered throughout the entire hike. From wide gavel roads, to wide forest paths to narrow tracks in the bushes, … There are a few long climbs but after those you are rewarded with a long slow descent back to the church of Moulin du Ruy, if you start in the right direction of course.
There is even a place were you can skip a piece of the course if you ‘d like.
It was also the right time to search for wild raspberries. I will let you know in the morning if they were edible!

And don’t mistake the Moulin de Ruy for the Moulin Rouge and vice versa… you might get a bit disappointed!

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