Out of this world

Ever since I was a little boy I’ve been interested in technology: the rise of the internet , photography, video, radio, TV, … were things that always caught my attention. What also made me very curious was communication technology and everything that surrounds that. WalkieTalkies, Radios, satellite phones, GSM and later smartphones could trigger my interest at any given time. Later I added Network radios to the list and last but not list I finally got licensed to use a HAM radio.
Radio in general is a very nice companion when you are travelling, either digital or analog, it’s always nice to meet likeminded people on the air.

Thanks to that HAM license I was able to catch a conversation between the ISS satellite that was orbiting above Europe and a school in Rio De Janeiro. The school had organised a question round with the astronauts over Radio Frequency of course. We could not hear the questions from the school in Brazil but we could hear the answers from the astronauts a few 100 km’s above our head in space. The fact that such a simple technology still is used to communicate on such complex missions that just blows my mind. And to hear the astronauts talk live and to capture it with my own equipement, that just gave me Goosebumps. The passage did not take longer that 10 minutes after that the ISS was out of reach but I enjoyed every second of it.
The blanks are the questions of the school in Brazil which you cannot hear.

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