It takes my pain away

We decided this year to stay at home during the summer holidays.
As we both are independent, being a photographer & director myself and my girlfriend a marketeer, we needed to catch up on the work we lost in spring due to Covid.
Also, I don’t believe that travelling abroad when a virus is spreading the world, is a bright idea. Even if you, like us are the sole living soul in the area, people should stay in their own surroundings limiting the contacts they can make. Out of responsibility.
Last but not least, traveling for me is about freedom. Having to check the news every day to see wether we are obliged to be quarantined when we get back or entering a restricted country… that is not my idea of traveling. I can also not afford to stay quarantined.
So we decided to at least postpone our journeys and see what the tide of time will give us. As said, being independent also enables us to travel whenever we like. So when everybody is back to his daily business in September or October, we’ll be heading for the horizon again.

Nevertheless, it hurts when I see people posting photos on instagram of places I want to visit or have visited. I don’t judge them, everybody decides for himself how to deal with this situation. I have my opinions but I will not judge you. I also understand that some people have only two weeks a year to go on vacation and are desperately in need to catch a break from the crazy times we are living in. I understand that. I also know that that individual need will be payed back by society in a second or third Covid wave. Putting more stress on those already battered independent entrepreneurs. But that’s the individualistic society we live in. I do not agree but I understand it.

Hike in Hamra Natural Park #Sweden

Nevertheless, it hurts. So I find comfort in scrolling trough our massive photo archive and travel reports of the past few years. Catching up on epic locations, strong emotions and cherished memories. At this moment I’m very grateful that I spent so much time documenting our travel & family life. Our life is a mix of new experiences and past memories. It’s always good to look back on what you already had, even when you are always moving forward.

Besides that, we don’t travel to run away, we travel to intensify & experience. As a family we stand strong and know when to give space to each other especially in periods when we live close together: In Covid lockdown or when sleeping in a 180×180 cm rooftop tent for a month. That also mean we are happy together at home making the best out of our decision not to go out and explore.

Turning a 5,5m pickup on a 4m wide ridge. #Norway

2020, will not be the best travel year, although our trip to Portugal was epic. But it has already learned me some valuable things. As a family we are strong enough to cope with this and we even grew closer to each other. Understanding that when there is no way to run to, the only thing is to compromise and get along. Being a family of high tempered and strong characters that is a big learning. I also learned to gave in, be more flexible, maybe i’m just getting soft 🙃.

So these learnings and the fact that I can roam through a server full of photos of near or distance travels and the fact that we are close together as a family enjoying being together makes me happy. That takes the pain away. Our time will come again.

No real link with the lyrics of the song, the song title popped in my head while I was browsing my travel photos 😉

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