Ardennes to the rescue

…or was it “The great escape to the Ardennes“…
We were up for a quick getaway. As mentioned earlier we decided not to leave Belgium for leisure & pleasure but we needed to get out!
So we decided to go out for a short weekend, in between jobs, with the trailer to a camping in the Ardennes which has near wild camping experience. Never been there but having no other option we took our chances and see how it would turn out. We were very much in need of a short break.

That turned out to be a very nice location and the experience was excellent. We set up camp far away from the camping and we had the river, the riverbank to our selves. One other couple was standing a bit further. No problem whatsoever with that. It’s not because we like to be alone in nature that we are asocial. Most of the people looking for locations like that share a similar mindset.

Setting up camp was an hour work and after that I just stopped doing things… That doesn’t happen very often 🙃. Liene & I looked at each other and immediately realised this was coming home for us, being out camping with the basics.
We just hanged out on the river bank, jumped in the river, went looking for the kids to put some food in their mouth, … I even hardly used my camera. Most of the pics are taken with my smartphone (sorry for that). I was really in need of this small break and same goes for Liene, we just sat there enjoyed each other’s company and let time pass while being surrounded by nature.

The only thing I put some effort in it was to test my new radio setup. Made connection to a guy in the Isle om Man 700 km away, and attempted to contact a girl who was doing the same in a Lighthouse near lake VĂ€ttern in Sweden and 1500km, guess the mobile radio setup is tuned!

and the kids… we hardly saw them. They left in the morning to go out and play with other kids. Occasionally they came by for food, trophies they found, … and when it got dark they came for hot choco and a cozy sleep in our tent. I love those nights when we sleep close to each other in the tent.

We ‘ll be out again soon, I hope. #repeat

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