Winter is coming.

While in the midst of summer I’m already looking forward to spending the winter in Sweden again. I cannot hide my love for the Northern European countries, I love the freedom in summer, the overwhelming solitude of nature there. The feeling of becoming bewildered again after a month or more of outdoor life. But I’ve come to love winters too. The short days with massive blue skies and and the low sunlight give it a constant magical feeling. The cosy heat of the cabin with a warm fire, the fresh air when out and about, …
Adventuring in winterland is so beautiful.

We went hiking in Hamra National park and we are definitely going back there, this time “with” snow shoes! That light, that location just stole my heart!

I’ll never forget the husky ride we did, gliding over the inmense frozen lakes back into the endless forests.

And I love driving the through the vast forest day and night even if it means that I get stuck ever once and while….

And that is just the tip of the iceberg from the endless ways to adventure there.

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