Outdoor & Radio weekend

We all have different kind of hobbies & interests, we also have little time at our disposal.
So what is more satisfying then combining several interests in one great weekend.
You all know that I’m an outdoor enthusiast and some of you know that I’m also a communication adept. I love all kinds of communication technology: old or new, analog or digital, … bring it on. So recently I got licensed as an Ham Radio operator. That gives me tons of extra possibilities to experiment with communication technology. One of those things is a “Fauna & Flora activation.” Yeah I know, nerding out here!
And damn happy ’bout it!

A Fauna and Flora activation is actually a world wide hide and seek game. According to the rules you have to hide in or next to an official Nature reserve with your portable radio gear And the rest of the world will be trying to reach you from all over the world. Depending on the propagation conditions you can have very long connection or closer. We had medium conditions but were very happy with that! We talkes to people from Engeland, Croatia, Sweden , Greece, Poland, Hungary… about 100 different in 3 hours. And just with a simple radio, a battery and an antenna. How great is that!

We also tried to connect to some orbiting satellites but we weren’t to lucky with that.. Ah well… maybe next time!

And combining all of this in an outdoor weekend: sleeping and cooking outside, late night campfires, hearing the deer, raccoons and beavers at night .. All out in nature and in good companion of a friend, that is just the cherry on the cake for me. Hot coffee in the morning to get us warm, gazing to the stars next to the fire in the evening. And in between a fair share of technology… You can sign me up for that any time!

Now you gotta excuse me because a shower is very much needed…

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  1. Goed voor elkaar heren!
    Leuk filmpje en foto’s
    Volgende keer even delen dan kan ik kijken of we elkaar kunnen werken
    73 Martin

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