True Campers

So summer is gone. The good weather is gone. Now true Campers come out again. A little rain, wind and cold doesn’t scare us. Au contraire, that’s when we revive! Camperwerk Netherlands invited us for a short weekend away. Nothing fancy or big, no entertainenent circus, just being outside close to nature& weather to enjoy the company of equally minded people. Most of us knew eachother from previous version so the ice was broken quickly, chairs were dragged from one tent to the other to join in for coffee or thee.

Saturday morning we left at 6.30 for a sunrise cano trip! We were all on point and on time, exept for the sun. But that didn’t stop us from having fun. Personally I was happy that our dog didn’t made ours flip and that we made it back dry!

The rest of the day we just enjoyed eachothers company, chatted away about recent or upcomming trips, about gear, life, … what a great time! Every once and while we wondered where the kids were hanging out, … we heard them in the distance having fun and playing, good enpough. Nothing stopped them not the cold, not the rain, not the tiredness… just honger made them return only for a brief moment.

Sunday a hike was planned but since I had a 4h drive back home I decided to skip that one to prevent me dozing of while driving. And that gave my horse-crazy daughters the oportunity to do some horseriding…

Great weekend, it really cleared my mind and got me at ease in no time. Really nice to meet up again with some folks again and thighten the realtionships with others. And what I mostly like is being so close to eachother with our family, close in the RTT at night like a nest of puppies close to their parents. And during the daytime to be able to give them the freedom to roam around in the fields and woods nearby i’m sure they had dozens of mini adventures with their new found friends!

And ofcourse everything was organised and executed in a corona-proof way!

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