Kleine & Groote Meer

It’s been a while since I’ve done a hike. Having an 8 month old “puppy” at home is the main reason for that. And it’s just a matter of months and he’ll be up and running for decent hikes! Very much looking forward to that!


Anyway, today me and a friend did a hike we planned a few weeks ago. When I woke up this morning all of Belgium & The Netherlands were covered in a, for our standards, a thick layer of snow. That would definitely give some extra flair to our hike.

The road to the starting point was a bit of a challenge because of the snow, but my car is perfectly suited for those conditions. 4×4 high gear and up & away!

The hike is situated on the border of Belgium and The Netherlands which you will cross one or two times. This is actually the back side of “The Kalmthoutse Heide”, a famous nature reserve in the north of Antwerp. In my humble opinion the Dutch part of this reserve is much more interesting and less crowded than the Flemish counterpart, but that is just personal.

Border lining here

Maybe it was the snow or the fact that we ‘(almost) didn’t cross a living soul we were very much surprised by this hike. A great mix between forest, fields, steep dunes, small tracks and big lanes, it’s hard to get bored on this hike. The snow made it a little more intensive but for the 12km distance that mattered little.

So this was a magical winter & snow hike. The great thing about snow is that it absorbs all surrounding sound, so the silence is heavenly.
I’m very much looking forward to returning here in summer! To be continued!

Also, for those who like “Geocaching“, this area is pretty well supplied with treasures to hunt. The snow made it a little difficult today but in better conditions this would be a perfect Geocache hunt – hike, since I created this Hike around 11 spots. enjoy!

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