You don’t have to go real far to catch a glimp of nature’s beauty.
We had some exceptional cold weather in combination with snow here. That was several years ago. Even better, the snow was here to stay for a couple of days, thanks to the freezing cold.

Anyway, they predicted freezing temperatures in combination with a clear sky, that was more than enough for me to get up early, walked to the riverbank a few 100 meters behind our house and fire up the drone to try and make some beautiful sunrise images. There was a big cloud blocking the sun for a while but after the sun rose above it, the warm colors of the sun rays kissed the landscape. Lovely!

I’ve been standing still in the freezing cold, focussed on the remote display, and after an hour and a bit when I was sure I had some decent shots I landed the drone and hurried home, my fingers hurt like hell and my toes were stone cold. It took me the whole day to warm up again. But it was definitely worth it!

Maybe you don’t have to go far for a nice view, but going high might help!

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