Dohan Hike – 10km

This lovely 10km walk starts at the entrance of Camping Maka and follows the meanders of The Semois for quit a while. Nevertheless the trail is varied from meadows next to the river, to rocky passages, wide agricultural roads and an occasional steep climb.

After a while the country road evolves into a regular road, you have the option here to follow this road until the picturesque village of Dohan or turn right straight up the hill. This is a steep climb but you will be rewarded with some nice scenic views over the Semois and its surrounding forests. What goes up must come… you will slowly decent to the village again and end up near the church. Here you have climb up again via a narrow rocky passage that widens up after a while into a nice forrest but the climb isn’t over yet. Along the way there is a nice point with a view over the valley but don’t give up yet. If you continue a few 100 meters and climb 20 meters or more you will see an even better scenic view. This is where we had lunch.

After lunch we started the slow decent trough the forest. I couldn’t find the communicating passage between two trails so I decided just to follow the compass and wait for the next track to show up. This is only a few 100 meters so that didn’t take long.
Arrived at the track you can follow this for a few kilometers until it ends on an asphalt road.
If you like you can add some extra forest tracks before you end up the road, we were accompanied by our children and decided to spare them a little bit .

Once you arrived at he the asphalt road follow it downwards for 1,5 km and you’re back were you started. Enjoy!

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