Giro di Famiglia

It was time to get back on the bike! Due to the Corona restrictions we just wandered around our house with hikes and walks but I was getting fed up with that. So after a year, I gave the bike another try. With a big detour from around 100 km I went to visit my parents and some other family members. I didn’t made it a race bike trip, I just wandered around stopped to eat, take photos and enjoy the road. This suits me far better then racing against time and Strava segment… It was great to see my parents again in real life!

Roof top tent festival 2019

A little throwback to the “Daktenten festival 2019” or “Roof top tent festival 2019” In Schipborg where I was interviewed about my setup and how we travel. Here’s my outtake of the video. (The full report can be viewed here.)

All tough most of the people visiting the Daktent festival are loners and tend to go out and explore alone or with the family, such gatherings are a great opportunity for us to meet equally minded people.
Talking about our adventures, plans, experiences, get new ideas and do some gear-talk and just hang around the fire! I’m really looking forward to both the Dutch & Belgian edition this year. I’ve met awesome people there and really looking forward to meet up again!

I sincerely hope that the Corona crisis won’t interfere with these plans!

We didn’t made it to Scotland but went to Portugal instead, you can see how we used the offroad trailer on vacation, without the kids this time! (yay!)

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Hiking essentials

I wrote a little bit about my favourite backpack and what I put in it for our Hikes.

There are millions of articles written about this subject, you can fill whole libraries on this. There are also tons of variables that have impact on what’s in your pack. What’s very important is the kind of hike you are going, the weather you’re facing and the terrain. read more >>


With the Corona restrictions applied we grab every opportunity to go outside and catch some fresh air. Our favourite spot close by is of course the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe. There is absolutely nothing to see there or in our case we love the wide calm views, the strong wind and the nothingness!

Fenelle Hike

Fenelel Hike

We were in for some wandering in the woods!
If you can roam for hours in a forest without encountering a single house or person, then that is only a blessing. (And well mapped out!) Occasionally the path had to be adjusted and navigated directly on compass to the next point on the map.
That has resulted in some adventurous descents and climbing.

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Garmin GPSMAP 66

Garmin GPSMAP 66

Next to an analog compass, the Garmin GPSMAP 66 and by extension the whole GPSMAP series is a fundamental piece of equipment for every outdoor enthousiast. The 66 being the latest flagship model model but even the 64 and 62 models are still as useful as the latest model. Specs vary a little bit but the basic functionality is as solid as a rock. The only reason I upgraded my 64 is for the bigger screen and syncing over Wifi. But i’ll get to that later.

This is a must have device in your EDC pack. I use it on hikes, long vacations, city trips, business trips, adventures, … I often even carry it on a day day base to remember places and locations. I hear you thinking why don’t you use your smartphone for that… True, but since I keep track of everything in Basecamp, it’s just a simple sync and everything is where I want it. From the smartphone I have to convert the GPS coordinates from degrees to UTM and then manually create an waypoint in Basecamp and with the right batteries the GPSMAP will outlast your smartphone! But we are running ahead of things, that’s for later, back to the beginning.

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