Gravel / Unpaved

A fine selection of Gravel/Unpaved Rides in Belgium.
It’s a collection of self made rides in combination with tracks I’ve found online and adapted.
This list is always a work in progress.

Gravel/Unpaved is my preferred way of riding. I often call it hiking by bike. Wandering and looking for nice stretches of countryside with a more challenging underground. I take my time to stop and enjoy the view, take photos, talk to people, …
I do not care about the speed and time. I do care about the quality, fun and surroundings and the company of course.

Also keep an eye on the “Gravel” tag on the news section for track reports.

These tracks are at your own responsibility.
Please respect private property and closed roads.
Tracks might subjective to change over time,
use your common sense.
Be kind to everybody and to everything that crosses your path.

If you need help reading, managing and importing GPX files, head over to “Maps for Garmin” Page.

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