We ‘ve been hiking with the family for quit a few years now. We started gently with our daughters on small flat distances but now at the age of 8 & 9 our daughters can easily manage distances up to 2O kilometers, if we take our time. Although the distance isn’t a primary goal for me I do need to have a clear feel of being outside, preferably alone with the family. When I seek or create my Hiking tracks I spent a fair amount of time in finding out what the terrain will be like, if we pass villages, (busy) roads, … You can found out more of the “how to” in the Navigation section.

The focus is on disconnecting with the outside world and connect with nature, our family and even get back in touch with yourself. Sometimes we talk a lot during our hikes and sometimes we are silent for an hour or more and let the mind rest.

If you just want to head out and do some hiking, head over the “Belgium Hikes” page. There you can download a wide variety of gpx files to import into your GPS device or smartphone.
If you want to plan out your own hikes, the “How to plan a hike” page will get you started.
What to carry on your trips is explained in the “Hiking pack list essentials” and if you want to red about some advanced outdoor skills, head over the “Hiking reading list” section.