Crêtes de Frahan

© Pieter Baert

Seize the moment! So in this beautiful Indian summer we took the opportunity to head out deep in the Ardennes direction Boullion to do a small hike: Crêtes de Frahan. This is a 7km long circular hike around surrounded by the meandering Semois. It starts on the next hill top in the town of Rochaut. A steep descent will bring you to the riverbank of the Semois where it slowly takes you to the top of the hill. The road is very varied and flat and steep climbs are alternating in a fast pace. Excellent hike to take the kids. A lot of passages kan be done by climbing rocks or bypassing them. You can make this as hard as you like.
We did this isn 2 hours with a lot of stopping for photos and making the video.
During weekdays it’s quit calm here, in Weekends and high season i wouldn’t recommend heading out here.

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Veggie Route

The idea was to ride a nice gravel track that I had mapped out earlier in Spring. Unfortunately, the rain and the sun made the path overgrown with vegetation.
We sure had a good laugh but then decided to drive back home. The kids were coming back from their Girl Scouts Camp and we didn’t want to miss that!
Next time grab the bush-cutter or calculate more time.
It would been an adventurous ride!
Next time!

And remember kids: vegetables only are bad for your health! 😀

Taxandria off track

What a great way to spend our Sunday. After the pouring rain from the last couple af weeks, we took our favourite 4×4’s and headed over to the Northern part of our province to find us some mud. And mud did we find! Enjoying every piece of track and mud in combination with good company what more can you wish for…. ah yes, hot coffee stops!

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Night howlers camp out

It was time to head out again, it has been more than 6 months since we went out camping again. We were in need for a desperate break out in nature. Ideally we would be out camping in the wild. But since the borders are closed and wildcamping isn’t allowed we settled for the next best thing and headed for Camping Maka. This is a very cosy and down to earth camping with a little bit for everyone. It’s located in the province of Luxemburg near the village of Bertrix and has wonderful nature surroundings, wildlife, …
You can camp out there in luxurious conditions with your camper or caravan or go for the more basic setup with a tent and some electricity. Or you can, like we do, reserve a small piece of land at the far end of the camping with nothing. And decide for yourself to bath in the river or take a hot shower. It all depends on the season I guess 😉

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GX – Weert 52km

So today I was planning to do a ride from a fellow gravelist but it turned out that most of the tracks were frequently used mountainbike tracks and due to the recent rainfall and weekend traffic they turned into mud pools. Now, I don’t mind a little mud and some technical passages but not for 90 % of the ride. So after a few kilometres I decided to cancel the track on my GPS and start finding tracks I haven’t ridden before.

I ended up finding som nice roads and some know places as well. When I was riding my race bike these was one of my favourite regions to ride. So came across some well known places but that made it easy to turn right the other way towards I had no idea where i might end up.

The beginning and the end are asphalt next to the river Rupel but once you get past that there is a lot of dust roads to discover on this 52 km track

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Houyet – Quattro Stagioni – 10km

Nice easy walk in and around Houyet. Weather conditions changed every 5 minutes… crazy!
But that didn’t made it less fun.
It was quite a while ago since we were out in the Ardennes so we enjoyed every second of it.
This is a fairly easy walk with a steep climb in te beginning and near the end, he rest is next to the river bedding which is slowly ascending and descending, you cros several small waterfalls and in the right saison they can be very beautiful. The best place to have lunch is where you turn left away from the river after a kilometer or 3.
Also there is a walking restriction after a kilometer or two due to possible falling rocks. You can either ignore this or take the long way round. If you trespass, it’s at your own risk!

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