Maps for Garmin

I prefer using the Freizeitkarte for Garmin devices. These are detailed topographic maps, routable and continuously updated versions based on the Garmin OSM maps.

I have taken the time to get the latest topographic maps from their site and collect them into one download.
Most of these cards stay up to date for a long time, the last time I did this update was 5 years ago and most of those cards are still fairly up to date.

You will find three folders in the download:

  • Countries: A whole number of European countries and beyond
  • Plus Countries: countries with a plus sign in the name: these are countries with 50 km extra around their border. Handy for walking, skiing, cycling at the borders
  • Regions: Alps, Balkans, Benelux, Pyrenees …

If you want to have the latest version of a certain country/region, head over to
Considering that most printed maps are based on info from 5 to 1à years ago, you will get a lot further with these files for a while.

It is important to know that all of these maps are also routable and can be used as navigation and not just as a tracker.

Last update 02 / 02 / 2020

Other map sources

Installation is easy and you will need:

  • Basecamp: Program to manage maps, waypoints, routes, tracks, … on your Garmin Devices
  • MapManager: Install Delete & manage maps in Basecamp
  • MapInstall: To transfer the OSM maps you installed in Basecamp to your Garmin Device

Install Maps into Basecamp

Right click on the selected mapfile – open with MapManager – Install – Restart Basecamp – Done

Install maps from Basecamp to your Garmin device

Open MapInstall
First you select whether you want to install the maps on the GPS itself or the SD-Card Sometimes an SD does not work and you have to install it on the internal memory of the GPS.
Press “Customize” in the bottom right
Select the maps you want to install on your GPS (look at the available memory)
You cannot manage maps that you have purchased officially via Garmin.
(these are managed via Garmin Express)
Press “Send Maps”
And wait a few 100 hours 😉
(Don’t select 20 maps at a time but do it by 2 or 3 maps a time.)