GX – Stairway To Heaven

This one is a sweet one!
Usually i’m quite disappointed in the long stretches of concrete between the villages in Flanders. You can drive from one village to another without even getting a glimpse of nature. Although, in the last few rides, ever since I changed my routing preference to gravel and offroad I’ve come to realise there is still a fair but of green behind the concrete wall. And today’s ride surely was one of the a-listers for that reason. I enjoyed every meter of the 121 kilometers in this track!

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Strada Campina – An Introduction

Today we, Paul and I played an away game.
Since the day I got to know the existence of Strada Campina I was keen on riding it. We didn’t have the whole day so we road a small part of the course, better than nothing.
Incredibly beautiful, varied and certainly tastes for more. I think about 90 percent is gravel or sand, so great experience for those gravel maniacs! And the underground goes from hard gravel to real soft sand that sucks the speed and energy out of your legs.

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In the fields

Yesterday my friend @Belgian.Biker and me got out to do a quick Gravel tour somewhere. Weather was not that nice a lot of wind and a fair bit of rain in the beginning of the ride. Once it stopped raining we really enjoyed being on the bikes. The first part of the trip was a lot of asphalt connecting long strokes of Gravel. After a while we started freewheeling based on what we assumed was a great gravel detour on our route. Most of them where succesfull but one really got us by the balls. It went from a small track to a walking trail to an almost invisible trail.

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Giro di Famiglia

It was time to get back on the bike! Due to the Corona restrictions we just wandered around our house with hikes and walks but I was getting fed up with that. So after a year, I gave the bike another try. With a big detour from around 100 km I went to visit my parents and some other family members. I didn’t made it a race bike trip, I just wandered around stopped to eat, take photos and enjoy the road. This suits me far better then racing against time and Strava segment… It was great to see my parents again in real life!

Fenelle Hike

Fenelel Hike

We were in for some wandering in the woods!
If you can roam for hours in a forest without encountering a single house or person, then that is only a blessing. (And well mapped out!) Occasionally the path had to be adjusted and navigated directly on compass to the next point on the map.
That has resulted in some adventurous descents and climbing.

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