TC – Saeftinghe

A very a-typical ride in my perspective. This 120 km ride is about 85% road only. The other 15 % off road is doable with a road bike and in case of doubt you can always found a way around the offroad sections.

I wasn’t in great shape this morning when I left but I decided to leave anyway and see how far we got. The gentle wind pushing me in the back gave me a false feeling of confidence. I paid that in cash on the way back. The winds from Saeftinghe until Antwerp, for about 50km, were very strong, head on and the landscape is unforgivingly flat with nothing to hide against the wind. But hey, part of the game we play. I had to boost myself a couple of times but in the end I made home tired but satisfied.

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Taxandria del Norte

A fair bit of rain last night so I changed my riding plans from a technical gravel ride to a more straight surface. I don’t mind getting dirty and riding some muddy tracks but it had been pouring all night: there’s mud and there’s mud. Anyway, I rode another track that is about 130 km long and I’m still not convinced whether I like it or not.

You see, it has huge amounts of straight roads, asphalt and I don’t like that. But then there were also huge stretches of gravel, old fashioned hard soiled gravel. I’m not a great fan of that either. But still when I got home I was quit satisfied. Instead of doing slow and technical gravel rides this was a speedy gravel ride. I think a lot of my buddies would tag this as favourite. So it wasn’t the best type of ride for me but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy this one. I left at dawn again, with some pancakes on my stomach and the rest of them for the family when they woke up. Once on the bike and out on the dikes close to my home I was already excited to see the great morning light. That is one of the main reasons of leaving so early, having that great morning light! The other reason is that I can ride longer or slower and still be home somewhere in the afternoon. and the clouds today where just stunning! #cloudlover

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GX – Giro di Aeroporto

Early rise and started at 5.50 am for this 80km one. I wanted to be out before the temperatures got too hot and before my mailbox would pop with stuff that needed to be done. And oh boy, do I love that morning light!
I had little expectations of this route because everything that heads towards the capital or even big cities isn’t much of a reference for free wild nature.

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Giro di Famiglia

It was time to get back on the bike! Due to the Corona restrictions we just wandered around our house with hikes and walks but I was getting fed up with that. So after a year, I gave the bike another try. With a big detour from around 100 km I went to visit my parents and some other family members. I didn’t made it a race bike trip, I just wandered around stopped to eat, take photos and enjoy the road. This suits me far better then racing against time and Strava segment… It was great to see my parents again in real life!