Kleine & Groote Meer

It’s been a while since I’ve done a hike. Having an 8 month old “puppy” at home is the main reason for that. And it’s just a matter of months and he’ll be up and running for decent hikes! Very much looking forward to that!


Anyway, today me and a friend did a hike we planned a few weeks ago. When I woke up this morning all of Belgium & The Netherlands were covered in a, for our standards, a thick layer of snow. That would definitely give some extra flair to our hike.

The road to the starting point was a bit of a challenge because of the snow, but my car is perfectly suited for those conditions. 4×4 high gear and up & away!

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Micro Life

Life has become a bit micro again. Where in recent years we went to look for our adventures and solitude as widely as possible, our world has now become so tiny and compact. The second dog is a gift, but for the time being an extra restriction that we undergo with patience, long walks are not possible with a puppy. But we enjoy the compact cocoon all the more, revalue places close-by and being together without an abundance of external stimuli.
Micro is beautiful, especially with a macro view back!

Neeltje Jans

Sometimes we need a quick break, a burst of fresh air or some head space. We all have our favourite places we head to, to obtain that feeling. Or just because we like being there. One of my favourite spots is Neeltje Jans in the Netherlands.

Neeltje Jans is an artificial island in the Netherlands in the province of Zeeland, halfway between Noord-Beveland and Schouwen-Duiveland in the Oosterschelde. It was constructed to facilitate the construction of the Oosterscheldedam. After the construction, a fun park with attractions and other various expositions were built on the island, which are now connected to the shore through the dam. Another addition of the island is a nature reserve.

Neeltje Jans on Wikipedia
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