Cargo Bike to the rescue

My youngest daughter, Liv, broke her wrist and strained the other one during an Indoor Snowboard camp.
The sun finally got out and I wanted her to enjoy the nice weather.
I took her for a spin with my e-Bullitt cargo bike and placed the Insta360 X2 in front of her.
She was thrilled!

Sled(ge) Hammer!

As said earlier, it must have been 10 years ago since we had this amount of snow that stayed overnight! There’s only one thing you can do then: fetch the kids from school with their sleds and find the nearest hill!

It takes my pain away

We decided this year to stay at home during the summer holidays.
As we both are independent, being a photographer & director myself and my girlfriend a marketeer, we needed to catch up on the work we lost in spring due to Covid.
Also, I don’t believe that travelling abroad when a virus is spreading the world, is a bright idea. Even if you, like us are the sole living soul in the area, people should stay in their own surroundings limiting the contacts they can make. Out of responsibility.
Last but not least, traveling for me is about freedom. Having to check the news every day to see wether we are obliged to be quarantined when we get back or entering a restricted country… that is not my idea of traveling. I can also not afford to stay quarantined.
So we decided to at least postpone our journeys and see what the tide of time will give us. As said, being independent also enables us to travel whenever we like. So when everybody is back to his daily business in September or October, we’ll be heading for the horizon again.

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Podcast – De Doorzetters “Go-Getters”

Not so long ago I got interviewed by “de Pieters“. They are launching a Podcast Series about people with a fair amount of perseverance. I was honoured to be the first one in that series.

“Doorzetters” is a podcast about the art of life.
They speak with professional doers and their link with sports and exercise.
How sports and work guide their lives. They gauge motivations and stamina, effort and sacrifice. They talk about success and setback. About pushing through or letting go…

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Claim back your life

It wasn’t that long ago when I called the ambulance in the middle of the night to get me to the hospital. I had aches from my heart straight to my left arm for several days. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that it is a prequel of a heart attack. While lying in the observation room for a couple of hours I had time enough to contemplate on how I got this far: weighting 108 kilograms, 7 days working weeks, 5 hours or less of sleep a night, bad sleep, unhealthy food, too much food, way too much on my mind. I was even proud on my 2017 record of working 78 days in a row. Father of two wonderful daughters, I was around a lot but not always there…
And there I was, again in the hospital with some clear messages from my body… that’s it, no more! This wasn’t what I had in mind.
I even took a selfie to remember the moment.

So how did I get this far? How the hell did I allow to get this far? I’m a professional photographer & director. I have the coolest job in the world. I created a lovely family and we have tons of fun together in our spare time, over weekends and holidays. I have a bunch of good friends, … so what’s the problem?

The problem is wanting to have it all. The problem is ignoring the mental and physical messages I receive. The problem is that I like to work, I like to go on weekends with the family, I like to travel adventurous, write articles, test new technology, work on my car, plan trips, hikes, help out friends …

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